Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi and Thank you for visiting my blog during OWOH. What a great event and opportunity to make new friends. My name is Mollye and I'm from northwest Louisiana. I've been blogging for four years. However I just began this new blog at the first of the year as I felt I needed to begin the year with a new prospective as I am a "new person". Before that second which rocked my world I was head over heels into art, collage, and all forms of creativity. Today I read, write and am open to whichever path my creativity may take me. I have become a better listener than a talker. I have a new purpose in life.

My youngest son JAKE was killed seven months ago and I will never be the same. I've been given an opportunity I never wanted. Though an awesome one of sharing my journey with someone who may be going through this heartache. A chance to share God's unbelievable healing power. I still have fun and have a zest for living. I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you'll drop by again.


My door prize for this fun event first is a box filled with costume jewelry. There are over 30 pieces of earrings, bracelets and pendants. All are new and still packaged. They are simply what they are...........costume jewelry and may not appeal to your tastes as far as actually wearing although I adore them!

But if you're into creating your own fun and funky jewelry this is just right for you and for you who are into mixed media, altering and collaging ...lot's of possibilities!

And the second prize is.............drum roll here..rat-a-tat-tat

An almost brand new Michael de Meng book I gave up lunches for a week to buy book titled Secrets of Rusty Things and wowza did I have fun with this book!

So if you or someone you know is into taking apart small gadgets to have the innerds such as your blender, or your toaster well this is the book for you to rust, glue, drill, attach and stand back and look at monstrousities like this gizmo I created........

which I title........."what the heck is this thing called art"? uh all I can say is you will be over the moon with this book! chuckle chuckle, grin grin...tee hee CRAZY indeed!

All you have to do to win is simply leave a comment here. And make sure you are able for me to contact should you win! If you're not interested in the prizes please take a moment to just say "Hi". Who knows we might end up being BFF's!

I'd love for you to come back to visit when you can stay longer. To connect with my main blog posts simple click HERE!

Now run along and visit some more new sisters at Lisa's bloggy called
A Whimsical Bohemian

Thanks and God Bless! And if you hurry you can jump on board too!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


on this beautiful Spiritual Sunday to ask WHY...WHY...WHY?

It seems so very hard to understand why God would allow my child to die. I struggled with this question for months after his death and there are moments when I still question, but I am learning not to question and God is helping me to understand.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."2 CORINTHIANS 4:18

We're having a glorious weekend here in north Louisiana. Lots of sunshine and soft breezes. I wish you all a wonderfully groovy week ahead. Be sure to stop by Charlotte and Ginger's for a list of Spiritual Sunday participants to visit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Al Pacino? OMG............ remember when he played "Michael" in The Godfather. I was pulling for him to be the "good one"... 'ya know the one who defied his family and went straight. Not to be though.

Wow...he truly lived to look the part didn't he? I would be fearful to meet up with him anywhere. I don't think he's aged very well...looking a little deranged here.

Annette Bening on the other hand looks like one of us regular gals. Aging beautifully. Not afraid of being seen in public as a little "frumpy". I've always liked her.

And bless his heart. Michael Douglas seems to be hanging in there. He while elegantly dressed and smiling appears to still be very ill. I don't know but I think he is a good man and a Christian. He has always had a supportive tight family as far as I've known.

Another who appears to be aging well. Sly Stalone. I think he dresses up well don't you? I think I used to judge him unfairly as being a bit "stupid". I had a nasty habit of judging people back then and am truly sorry for being like that.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? I did not. As I was looking at all the AP Photos this morning I realized that out of the 96 images that I recognized maybe 15. Seriously a long time ago I watched all the awards shows because I recognized everyone because I had seen them in Movies. We used to go to more movies. Today most of the stars in my age group and older have either retired or died. I don't know these "new" stars of today.

The economy is bad, it isn't safe to go out at night, we're tired, we have RedBox or Netflix, or a gazillion movie channels on our TV's and we have "Reality TV". I think we know people like Russel or Boston Rob, Rupert and Stephanie more than film stars.

It's just the times but for me to watch an award show when I don't "know" the people is just not exciting and seems a bit of a waste.

I'm sure am glad I "know" all of you.teehee

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well sweet sisters if they are....I have a deal for you!

Lori just began a new online Herbalife Business and her family of course is the first to "try" out the new products and all I can say at this point is I am impressed. She has always believed in and studied herbs, natural remedies, nutrition and Holistic Meds, so she convinced me to try this weight loss plan.
Now I religiously take a multi vitamin and fish oil daily so I didn't want the whole shebang and opted for a shake at breakfast, one at lunch and a "colorful" dinner with an afternoon snack if needed and plenty of water. I can say that after two days, I am pretty sold on this.

The shakes do have that "diet shake wang" but I am fluffing mine up with some fresh fruit and a little ice in the blender and wowza they are good. And the best thing is that they fill me up until the next meal time.

And now I'm not as brave as Lori and willing to divulge my weight along with the before pics but I will tell you I could lose around 60 lbs and not look one bit anorexic!

Stay tuned and I'll update my progress once or twice a month. Hope all of you have a perfectly lovely week!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


PURE EVIL exists in our society.

Many times we wonder ... "was the person who committed those acts of evil and violence; senseless killings and inflicting so much pain on innocent people insane or pure evil". I think a lot of times it depends on what kind of dream team they can hire for the defense. If enough money changes hands or if the perpetrator is a well known person it seems that they are "sick". And so many times if the person is not well known and unable to have a good defense he is "evil". Of course this is not always true but I've noticed a bit of a trend.

The Arizona assault..........Evil or Mentally Ill? We'll know when it goes to trial.

An adorable little five year old girl was physically abused by her father and step-mother in my town a couple of days ago and of course her injuries were so severe that she died upon arriving at the hospital.... Evil or Mentally Ill? Again we'll find out when it goes to trial.

It seems so unfair, so unjust. We who are Christians though have God and He will bring us closer to Him that we ever imagined through our darkest of days. But on the other hand the evil one.........his day is coming. No mercy for him.

I sure hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday today and be sure to tell someone you adore them. I adore all of you, and invite you to click on this LINK to visit more Spiritual Sunday Bloggers.

"Worthless wicked people go around telling lies. They wink and make gestures to deceive you, all the while planning evil in their perverted minds, stirring up trouble everywhere. Because of this, disaster will strike them without warning, and they will be fatally wounded."

"There are seven things that the Lord hates and cannot tolerate: A proud look. A lying tongue. Hands that kill innocent people. A mind that thinks up wicked plans. Feet that hurry off to do evil. A witness who tells one lie after another. And someone who stirs up trouble among friends."

PROVERBS 5:12-20


Good Morning Pinkies around the globe! Be sure when leaving that you visit Beverly and Thank Her for hosting this HUGE event each week and check out some of the links to other participants.

I no sooner get over Pneumonia than I do believe it is coming back again! Oh the sounds my lungs make with this dreaded fluid rattling around. But I still have so much to be grateful for today.

Hope everyone out there is having a Happy Pink Saturday!

Love and Peace from me to you...

Friday, January 14, 2011


Official Portrait of Gov. Edwards when he was in office

And yesterday.................Welcome Home Friend ... You were missed

Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards arrives at the Ecumenical House, a halfway house, to begin serving the remainder of his prison sentence, after being released from the Oakdale Federal penitentiary after serving eight years for a corruption conviction, in Baton Rouge, La., Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (AP)

"When good people come to power, everybody celebrates, but when bad people rule, people stay in hiding.

You will never succeed in life if you try to hide your sins. Confess them and give them up; then God will show mercy to you"

PROVERBS 28: 12-13

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today is the first time I've participated in Spiritual Sundays so if you're not familiar with Spiritual Sundays please take the time to visit a few of the blogs by clicking HERE

I'm sure you have all heard the saying that the only thing in life that is constant is change and I have changed so many times overy my lifetime and each time I've changed, my interests have changed, and the arts, crafts and creative things I was interested in a year or two ago no longer hold my interest. I was searching for something different. Seeking something that would give me joy.

Today my joy comes from music. I "found" that I have a love for southern gospel music and through that love I have experienced a serenity and a yearning for a deeper closeness with God. An excitement and fulfillment I never saw coming.

Let me introduce you to some of the most beautiful people I've ever come across. This is just a few of the people who make up The Gaither Homecoming!

And I now jokingly profess to be a happy spirit filled catholic girl with a penticostal song in my heart LOL. Who knew?

My very favorite of all - Guy Penrod.......I know girls...he is easy on the eyes, but he only has eyes for his beautiful wife and I think they have 7 boys and 1 girl. He has a heart for Jesus and I can see the Lord in his face each time he sings.

Gary McSpadden and Lynda Randle...isn't she beautiful and she has a beautiful voice to match

Sandi Patti who has been around a long time and has an awesome voice and Mark Lowry; who can not only sing like an angel but is the funniest man around. Just a great personality...

The Hoppers...If you haven't already heard them, look up "Shoutin Time In Heaven" and you'll see why they lift me up.

This is Russ Taft on the right, one of my very favorites who has the most genuine smile and you know when he looks at someone with that wonderful smile he truly loves them.

Michael English

The Isaacs

Jeff and Sherri Easter

Allison Speer

Ivan Parker

Bill and Gloria Gaither

'Yall have a great week with a great song in your heart.

"Nobody searches for an answer unless they have a question".T.D. Jakes

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Can you think of many ailments that begin so tiny yet cause your whole body to ache and cry out in pain more than a toothache?

Mike came home from work Christmas Eve Friday with a toothache and by bedtime he was in misery. He couldn't eat anything all weekend and ended up staying in the house lying around feeling like someone had clubbed him with a baseball bat.

Monday morning I found a dentist that would see him the following day so on Tuesday he went in only to be X-rayed and given a script for pain pills and antibiotics. Now after a full week of getting rid of the infection, he went back yesterday with STILL a toothache and had the tooth extracted. So almost two weeks have passed; Christmas and New Year's and he is beginning to feel a bit better.

He is something else I tell you. I've been married to and have known guys who at the first sign of an ache or pain, lie around moaning and groaning like they're the only ones to ever feel as bad. I have to practically threaten my husband with a big stick to get him to miss work. He just does NOT miss work and the times he does feel badly enough to lie down, he is as quiet as a mouse and STILL wants to wait on me. Never demanding and rarely even asking me to get something for him. He just delights in helping. A Servant's Heart.

I am reminded of a young priest we had several years ago at a very tiny mission church we belonged to with probably no more than 40 or 50 parishioners. We regularily held a pot luck dinner the last Saturday of the month and at almost every dinner, Fr. Joe would be the last one to go through the serving line and the first one at your side when you were finished to remove plates. I remarked to him one night that his mother had surely done a good job in raising him and he looked at me and said,
"No, Mollye I just work for a man who washes feet". I was dumbstruck by his humility. A Servant's Heart.

At the times I have a gathering here and the tiny kitchen is in shambles after a meal, and regardless of how tired or how my girls may feel, they are the first ones in the kitchen cleaning and washing dishes and getting everything back in order. And not only here, but whereever we may be. A Servant's Heart.

I can't tell you how many times my son Jake has worked all day in the hot, hot sun in flower beds; many times going without a meal only to finish his job, go across town to help someone move furniture and still make time to go check on his father and run errands for them before he ever got back home to sit and rest or grab a bite to eat. No pay...No hesitation. He felt honored to serve. A Servant's Heart.

Do you know someone with a Servant's Heart? Is it you?

Oh but that I would find the humility to serve others before myself, seeking ways to serve. I think this shall be my resolution for the new year. I think this is "do-able" for ones who are willing.

"Take care of a fig tree and you will have figs to eat. Servants who take care of their master will be honored"

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Jake's Birthday Story here

"The length of our lives is decided beforehand___the number of months we will live.
You have settled it, and it can't be changed."
JOB 13:5

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Aaaaaaaah.............It's Here..So Glad To Meet 'Ya

Before I tell you how Happy I am to be in a New Year, I must pause a moment to remember with you that today marks 25 years of the passing of my Daddy. So to George F. Gregory, Happy New Year's Daddy, I love and miss you!

Well folks...I sure hope your house smells as good today as ours.

Because I have Black-Eyed Peas cooked with left-over Ham from Christmas and seasoned with white and green onions.......ummmmmmmm..smack down good 'ya hear

And of course for Prosperity you have to have some GREEN and in our case we chose Cabbage this year instead of Turnip, Mustard or Collard Greens. And I like to just skillet fry my cabbage and add a can of Rotel and some sliced Sausage

as you see here, but for those who don't care for the tomatoes and sausage, I can take a portion out before I add that and then I have a dish of plain and one of spicy!

And to top the meal off you just have to have a cast iron skillet of hot, buttered Corn Bread

or as my hubby Mike asks me to make him a "pone of corn bread"...Bless His Heart

And now it's time for a little nappy before we head off to 4PM mass. Bless YOUR Heart too! Happy 2011 everyone.

"But who can eat flat, unsalted food? What taste is there in the white of an egg? I have no appetite for food like that, and everything I eat makes me sick". JOB 6:6-7