Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello............anyone there?

Yes.............I feel as if I've been sleeping for a very long time and am waking from a stupor. I logged onto my blog and see that I have not posted for nearly a YEAR.
I've been toying around with resolutions for the new year and the number 1 of course is losing weight. With Number 2 a close second of just getting more active in the hope I can get some much needed relief to my knee pain.  And Number 3 you ask..........................BLOGGING. The activity I once was so passionate about. I began blogging in 2006 and when Facebook became so the thing, I found I could not do both and I became Fickle. There I admit it. But Facebook has become stale to me. Stale and not so nice most of the time. What I'm trying to say is I would like to come back home.
I've found that resolutions that start on January 1 are short lived. I want a long time relationship here so I decided to begin BEFORE New Year's Day!

So now that I've gotten my toes wet it is beginning to feel at home and I will be back. Right now I am trying to straighten out an online transaction involving my credit card. Grrrrrrrrr don't ya just hate doing business online and trying to converse with customer service without hearing a voice or seeing a face. I'm just saying that I can feel my blood pressure rising as we speak. Well ladies, since I had nothing catchy, enlightening or brilliant lined up to write about I will catch you all in a day or two. Gee it feels good to be home.

This is our newest little grandson, Jake Gregory Wendling II (beautifully named for our son Jake) who will be 1 year old on January 24. He was visiting his mammy and poppa from Mobile right before Christmas. Isn't he a handsome specimen.

Hugs from miz mollye's little corner of Louisiana :)