Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello............anyone there?

Yes.............I feel as if I've been sleeping for a very long time and am waking from a stupor. I logged onto my blog and see that I have not posted for nearly a YEAR.
I've been toying around with resolutions for the new year and the number 1 of course is losing weight. With Number 2 a close second of just getting more active in the hope I can get some much needed relief to my knee pain.  And Number 3 you ask..........................BLOGGING. The activity I once was so passionate about. I began blogging in 2006 and when Facebook became so the thing, I found I could not do both and I became Fickle. There I admit it. But Facebook has become stale to me. Stale and not so nice most of the time. What I'm trying to say is I would like to come back home.
I've found that resolutions that start on January 1 are short lived. I want a long time relationship here so I decided to begin BEFORE New Year's Day!

So now that I've gotten my toes wet it is beginning to feel at home and I will be back. Right now I am trying to straighten out an online transaction involving my credit card. Grrrrrrrrr don't ya just hate doing business online and trying to converse with customer service without hearing a voice or seeing a face. I'm just saying that I can feel my blood pressure rising as we speak. Well ladies, since I had nothing catchy, enlightening or brilliant lined up to write about I will catch you all in a day or two. Gee it feels good to be home.

This is our newest little grandson, Jake Gregory Wendling II (beautifully named for our son Jake) who will be 1 year old on January 24. He was visiting his mammy and poppa from Mobile right before Christmas. Isn't he a handsome specimen.

Hugs from miz mollye's little corner of Louisiana :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Can I say enough times the word F.U.N.

We had a Valentine Swap and it was FUN. My partner Jill Cooper from Untie the Ribbons drew MY name and she surprised me with a glorious bottle of goodies.  We listed our likes and hobbies and she hit it right on the nail as you can see because anyone who knows me just knows how much I love to sew. And you can't sew without ribbons, laces and buttons.

Thank you Jill for giving me the bestest Valentine ever.

These are the links of the other players........
Peggy aka Queen Mother Mamaw at Day of the Lily
Terry Lee at All Things TerryLee
Barb at DogMom Diva
Debbie at Simply Debbie 
Anitra over at Coffee Pot People 
and Myra  at Respice, Prospice

Be sure to check out the links to see how Crafty and Creative we all were!  Oh and Happy Valentine Day.  Don't forget to do something Sweet for those who are so Sweet to You :)  Love, Mollye

Monday, February 4, 2013


Oh my goodness.............It is time - yes today is the date for everyone playing in the Valentine Bottle Swap to mail off their bottles.  This actually gives us 10 days before V Day and since we limited our game to the United States only there should be no problem in your bottle arriving to your partner in time.

I sent mine off a while ago but only because I am working a bit part time and didn't want to be stressed at the last minute. But my partner has graciously agreed to wait on opening it.

Everyone please post your bottle contents of Valentine Day so we can all get to share in your fun!

Thanks everyone for playing and I hope you've enjoyed thinking about your secret partner and if you did not already know her, I hope you've made a "forever friend" from this swap.

Well how did you like the Super Bowl?  I have to say I LOVED EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF IT!
And what about those Commercials?  WOW.......I liked many of them but my faves were of course the Clydesdales which I actually missed because we were fast forwarding throughout the game and I saw it in video this morning and had a good boo hoo bright and early and the other I loved was the one about the Farmer. Just beautiful

 I am by nature a Saints fan since I live in Louisiana but I've always had a second favorite.  Since 1975 I became a Chicago Bears Fan and always loved the bears and pulled for them and a couple of years ago I watched the Ravens play and fell in love with their style of exciting play. They reminded me of the old Monsters of the Midway, which was one of the monikers of the Bears of old. I was hooked and have predicted all of 2012 season that Baltimore would go to the Super Bowl and in fact last November predicted that they would face the niners.  True fact. I really did. So I have looked forward with the excitement building each day of the game. I was not disappointed but got a little nervous and edgy towards the end but they held tight and I'm so proud of the Ravens team.

Go Ravens.  What a fun day.

Friday, January 4, 2013


It's right around the corner... Valentine's Day and what could be more fun than a Swap?  I just returned to blogging after a long time away and want to dig right into having FUN...

This will be open to Bloggers and to my Facebook Pals so here are the Details and the Rules.

Most of you have participated in Bottle Swaps. Right? Some have not so please bear with me while I explain  just how it is done. Then we'll get into the nitty gritty.

First of all the Vessel - the Container - What you mail your stuff in. Yes it is in a bottle and Yes it will go right through the US Mail just like an envelope.  Take a clean 2 litre pop bottle and Keep the cap. look at the center of the bottle lying down so the cap is at the right and the end of the bottle is at your left and picture in your mind cutting a shape with a knife of a tab abour 4 or 5 inches wide (just a slice) and on either side of the slice cut UP about three inches or so on each side so you have a tab from which you can gently lift up and stuff your things in. OK...are you with me so far?  Then after all is stuffed inside you take that magic packing tape and just tape it back down. Then you take a piece of paper or a mailing label you have already addressed to where you're sending it and stick it on that place with some more tape.  Then up at the left side where you would put your return address if it were an envelope do the same thing with taping down your return address. Then just take it to the post office and present it to the clerk and mail it! They've seen them many times and will weigh it and put the postage on. They travel well if you have taped the slot well and they do not cost much to mail. Then when your partner receives it or when YOU receive yours it is simple to cut the slot back open and remove your treasures. Questions?.......... 

Now here are some suggestions of things to put inside. First of all you want to kinda conceal your gifties with either wadded up tissue paper or the pretty and colorful shreds like pink or red or even glittery ones and your gifts will be somewhat padded to not break or smush and it will keep them from all being seen or rattling around. Then an idea of some of the stuff should include maybe something you've made if you're an artist or crafty. Maybe something to reflect your partners likes or something to surely reflect the occasion which is Valentine's Day. You could also add a bit of sweets, something pretty, something useful, or something is all left up to your imagination and most people try to stuff as much as is humanly possible into their bottle they're sending.  There is nothing quite as much fun as receiving a bottle in the mail and discovering that someone has taken the time and attention to "spoil you" and delight you with little things they've found for you. Questions?....................

Now the time frame:  Today is January 4 (Friday) and Valentine's Day, February 14 (Thursday) gives us roughly 5 1/2 weeks so all bottles should be mailed out NO LATER than Friday Feb. 8 which is exactly one week before V. Day and they should reach any state in a week. Sorry but on this one we will have to limit to the US only. You may of course mail it out before that date. When you RECEIVE your bottle...OPEN it! but just do not post about it until Valentine's Day. If you have a blog you post about it on your blog (with pictures) and send it to your Facebook page too so we all can see it and if you only have a Facebook Page post there and everyone of us will get to see it too.  Now the way we get our partners is very simple. I must give you a deadline to tell me who is playing. So I am giving you exactly ONE WEEK to decide. Tell me through a comment either here on my blog or here on my Facebook page. Then each of you will by private message send me your name, address and blog address or Facebook name.  I will take all the names and mix them up and on January 12 (Saturday) the following day will match you up with someone. I'll try to keep the bloggers together and the Facebookers only together. I will send to you privately the name of your partner and the way for you to "sneak" in on her to find out a bit about her so you can really knock her socks off with your choices.  Questions?..............

Now we really must set a limit on spending. So Please not spend OVER $10.00 on the total contents of your bottle. That does NOT include the postage.  If you're crafty you will probably spend less than that amount and if you're not you do not have to spend that amount just do not go over. The object of the swap is not the money spent but the thought you've put into it to make it special. It's all about making a new friend and spreading the sisterly girlfriend love. Right? So c'mon and join in and play bottle swap with us. It is a hoot!

So again............ Let me know by Jan. 11 (Friday) if you're playing. And I'll let you know by Jan. 12(Saturday) who your partner is and you will have until Feb. 8 to get your bottle ready and mailed.

Shoot me an email at or by facebook message if you have questions. Thanks and let's play Bottle Swap.