Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Introducing...............Polka Dots for August

new friend, Denise at ScrapwithLola who was my ATC Partner for August with Patti's Swap Group from over at Treasure Barn.

Our Theme for August was Polka Dots and since this has always been my favorite pattern to wear I could not resist playing along. However when I sat down to make her card I was simply stumped.I somehow thought of a Bunnyboy wearing a polka dot tie! Isn't it funny how your mind works or in the case of mine.....not work at times!

And Denise was kind enough to send me TWO Polka Dotted Beauties! She said this was her first swap but wowza isn't she good? I can't wait to see what this gal comes up with next. I haven't visited her bloggy yet because our computer has been down more than up in the past month, but I am hopeful all is now well.

I am loving this cooler weather but of course came all the tragedies of nature in getting us from horrible hot to nice and mile. It is not as nice for many out there who are dealing with the aftermaths of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and now fires. God Bless our country and all the wonderful people who make it up. Praying for you all.