Friday, May 4, 2012

When did it happen?

I awoke this morning. Friday and had a "let down" feeling. After mulling this over I realized I begin each Friday with a similar feeling.  Wait a minute.............I thought you were supposed to thing TGIF. You know Thank Goodness it's Friday or Thank God It's Friday and get the "over the moon, elation and just down-right giddiness because the weekend is here and the party begins or NOW I can REALLY enjoy myself for a few days. Right?

I do actually remember really well when I thought that way. But I can't remember when I stopped thinking that way.

Now on Friday mornings, I on one hand am happy, happy, happy that Mike's work week is almost over and we can spend the weekend together, or that because his work week is almost over he can RELAX and enjoy his time off for a few days. Rest his body, or become involved in either projects that needs his attention or stuff he wants to do for his own pleasure.  Then there's the other feeling that my time is up. The five days are gone and I can't get them back. I failed to do all I should or I did/said things I shouldn't have.

Then before I know it Monday comes around and while many are heard and seen with the frowns and mutterings of "It's blue Monday, or where did the weekend go? I secretly experience the most calming and grateful feeling. A new day to make a difference and 5 whole days to do it right this time. Monday just has a "freshness" to me.

I think I now know when this happened.