Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Generations

W-O-W where does the time go? We had Christmas Monday night at my youngest daughter Shari's house and my granddaughter Erika and her family was there from Dallas. Seemed like a good time for a 4th generation photo.

I am holding great granddaughter Ellie, next to me is oldest daughter Lori and her oldest granddaughter Nayda next to her and then momma Erika (my granddaughter) on the right end.

Shari has three grandchildren' two boys from her oldest son Joe and a baby granddaughter Lanna from her daughter Emily. I want to get pictures of them all soon.

So now you can see how excited I am to soon have a brand new grand baby coming next week. It has been 22 years since I've had a grandbaby!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It just took a new granddaughter

Yes friends, my muse and my mojo has been hiding for a year and a half and I've so wanted to get back into blogging, sewing, art and all the things I loved before Jake died. I've tried too but always I was disappointed in the results and most I tired of before finishing.But.......................

It just took having a new little baby..."Miss Rose Meredith Wendling" to get me fired up again and I am so charged. Of course she really isn't here quite yet.

But this is one of her latest sonogram pictures and I can tell already she is gonna be a little hoot.

This is another one and you can just see that a baby who sticks out her tongue before she is even formally introduced is a funny little kid.

So since she will be here one week from today on January 3rd and because even though I will get to see her when she is 3 days old, it's not likely that I'll get to see her again before she is 3 months old since she will live in Alabama so I want to be able to give her a new dress or two each time I see her so she will grow up and remember her Louisiana granny as the "Dress Lady".

This will be a little fancy pancy blue and white check gingham and you can see I already bought the leotards, hair ribbons and one piece white thingy she will wear under the pinafore.

I think this will be my favorite as I love love Red. So this is a bright kinda edgy little number with red tights and I got black hair bows. This one will have panties made from the green and the apron is the red, green and black print with collar and cuffs from the green solid.

This should keep me busy from when I see her as a newby until she is close to 3 months and then I can begin working on summer things in 6 months size.

"Got my mojo working..........." Seeya!

Monday, December 26, 2011


What a great way to begin December 26th.

Leslie at Alpha Stamps is having a great after Christmas giveaway called "While the Cats Away". To enter her daily drawings, hop on over to ALPHA STAMPS to enter.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh My Gosh.....There He is!

Our Great Grandson Luke and his big sister, Leah

Our daughter Shari (their Grandma) had taken them to see Santa and you can just "feel" the anticipation as they quietly wait their turn.

Totally an Awe moment. I love the handholding. I think it tells us that Luke feels secure because big sissie "has his back". I think Leah tells us "she will protect him". Are there many more events which would silence and have two little ones spellbound such as this.

What are your memories of the jolly one in the Red suit?

Ho Ho Ho ......Merry Christmas and a Jolly Good Night

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

Oh. My. Gosh.. I've been away from bloggyland for such a long long time and I've not forgotten any of you dear sweet sisters. How nice it was hearing from some of you. And such a busy time for us to take the time to say "howdy". I've already made a very early New Year's Resolution. I vow to come back to blogging. It was my first love in the social network. I've missed all of you and while I've enjoyed Facebook and will still keep my FB alive, it cannot take the place of a blog.

I want to take a moment to wish all of you the very nicest and happiest of Christmas Celebrations. The one day we acknowledge the birth of our Savior and Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday. God Bless you and Thank you for being my friend. Mollye

Friday, December 16, 2011

One week and counting

Show me your Tree! For the women who are older, your children are grown and gone I'm wondering if you ever longed for the day when your kids would be grown up with homes of their own and Christmas Trees of their own to decorate so you could finally have the tree of your dreams. You know, the color coordinated ornaments, tinsel, lights and the perfect tree skirt.

I can remember long, long ago thinking "someday I can go buy all the beautiful things I want to finally have a tree worthy of magazine layouts. ....... And guess what! I'm there. I may have done it once or twice but was left with a feeling less than what I imagined. What was the payoff?

Today my mind takes me back to the days when all my children were little, we were just making do. You know living from paycheck to paycheck and when Christmas came around the kids delighted cutting our own little straggly pine from the woods and making paper chains either from red and green construction paper or from glossy magazine pages we'd been given from my Mom. Popcorn chains and the glitzy popsicle sticks with silver and gold glitter, Elmer glued to form crosses and stars. Pinecones and other treasures gathered from outside and multicolor lights blinking wildly completed the look. Underneath the tree would be an old white sheet covering the green metal tree holder and giving the illusion of snow.

Can you picture it? Of course you can. You had one just like it for many years.

A Charlie Brown tree. A tree decorated with love and innocent expectations. What I would give to only go back.